About Us

How It Works

What you will need

  • A bank account
  • Visa debit card - although we can offer cheques for payment

Identification, which can either be:
  • A valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland Photocard Driving Licence OR
  • A valid U.K. or EEA state Passport and a utility bill (not mobile phone), bank or building society statement, credit or debit card statement, council tax demand letter or statement which is no more than 3 months old.

What will happen on site?

The entire process of coming into site, weighing your vehicle on the weighbridge, reporting to the office, unloading your vehicle and re-weighing your vehicle on exit will be the same as its always been. Nothing will change in this process.

For all casual customers ie: Non account customers, we will continue to ask you for proof of identity. This identity will be copied and retained with our records of the transaction.

Payment options will be:

Account payment via BACS or cheque.

Data protection

Any identification taken as part of your transaction will be securely treated in line with the Data Protection Act. Thanet Metals Ltd. is compliant with legislation such as the Data Protection Act. Your information will be protected in line with these requirements

Legal Facts

The Legal Facts of Cashless Trading

Cashless trading came into force in December 2012 as part of the implementation of the updated Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishing of Offenders Act, 2012.
The Act banned the use of cash in the trading of all scrap metal within England and Wales. It is now an offense to pay people in cash.

Note that Itinerant Collectors are not exempt from the cash ban, unless they have been granted an order under section 3.1 of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act by the Local Authority and the local Police Chief. 
Vehicle dismantlers buying end-of-life vehicles (ELVs or scrap cars) for parts brokerage are still able to pay in cash.
[Cashless trading UK, ID requirements, Thanet Metals Ltd]
Keep updated on cashless trading by visiting the BMRA website.

Operation Tornado

Operation Tornado is a scheme which requires anyone selling scrap metal to participating dealers to provide photographic proof of identity. The scheme was developed in partnership with the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the Home Office, and Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland Police. Read more about Operation Tornado on the British Transport Police website.

The New Scrap Metal Dealers Act

[Cashless trading UK, Payment options, Thanet Metals] The new Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA) came into effect in Autumn 2013. At that time Itinerant Collectors and Vehicle Dismantlers will be wholly subject to the cash ban.
The new SMDA will also make the necessity for identification, at point of sale, a legal condition. The likelihood is the requirements for proof of identification will be very similar to those required, now, by Operation Tornado.